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GHS Community

...the school formerly known as an "A" school.

Gaither High School
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This is the Gaither High School community. Go us.

Rules: if you do not abide by these, you will be warned, then banned on the second offense.
1) If you're interested in joining, make sure you are either a GHS student/alumnus or have some interest in the school.
2) Do not put down other students, because I'm sure their friends are in this community.
3) Putting down teachers is OK, just make sure you're ready to back up your claim. Other members might actually like this teacher ;-)
4) Don't get into feuds with other members (or the Mods).
5) No spamming of any sort (this include advertising for other communities/journals). Topics will be deleted.
6) Nothing much else. Have fun!

Syn, creator, Mod.
Ally, Co-Mod.

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