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Just double checking

When you're suspended for 10 days, those are school days, right? this doesn't included weekends and holidays, correct? and do teachers let you make up work?

anyone? please?
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okay, thanks.
wow.. suspended already..

yes, the tens days are only school days

I dont believe they are allowed to let you make the work up, and i know you cant make up any tests given in those ten days, but some might if they're nice and you're a really good kiss up, but more than likely, you're just screwed for those ten days.

be smart - dont get caught
yeah, i know. the plan was not to get caught, but not one thought the pocket knife would fall out of my purse... now we know not to bring weapons to school! turns out they were serious about that whole "zero tolerance, we will arrest your ass!" thing.

Julie! It's the other Julie. lol Julie #1 that is. Dude. What the heck?! We miss you in drama. Well, I miss you but I'm pretty sure there are others as well. I can't let it stay secret any longer.....it's driving me mad....I bet you really want to know.....okay here goes....you got into Thespians!!! I made you a little drama mask hangy thing for your neck and it has cool glitter on it and such. It's sitting under the tv until you get back. And I'll remember to keep my pocket knife more hidden. Kidding kidding. Enjoy yourself and I'll keep you updated on the cool One Act info.
Julie! i know, i miss drama a lot. that's the worst part about all this, i might be expelled and that would put me out of gaither's drama program. it would kill me.

I GOT INTO THESPIANS!!!! YAY!!!!! i'm going to wear my little mask around my neck all day when i get back.

have any parts for One Acts been assigned?!?!?! i know two from 'Bathers' are taken, and i'm really hoping someone else got the third postion because i'm don't really want to do Bathers.... i won't even be there to audition for other parts! oh well, there's always the spring production... yay Little Women!
That doesn't sound good. I'm really sorry.

No parts have been assigned. I know what you mean about Bathers. Neither Tiffany nor I wanted to audition for it but we did anyway. They were auditioning for Flannagans today and I think he'll continue those tomorrow and then decide. I'll keep you posted. I'm really excited for Little Women. :)