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Here it is folks! [25 Oct 2006|07:05pm]


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It's here... [03 Oct 2006|03:27pm]

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[19 Apr 2006|11:14pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Well, I used to go to Gaither, I dropped out from Gaither, so I guess that makes me well qualified to post here. What brings me here, you ask? Oh, you didn't? Too bad. I heard Gaither became a school run by facists and I had to check on this. Can someone tell me what exactly happened since '05? Thanks :D.

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This just shocks and upsets.... [22 Dec 2005|10:40am]

[ mood | shocked ]

Son of Colts' Coach Tony Dungy Found Dead

TAMPA, Fla. - James Dungy, the 18-year-old son of Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, was found dead in a Tampa-area apartment, police said Thursday.

In a news release on its Web site, the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office said it "responded to the Campus Lodge Apartments this morning at approximately 1:32 a.m. The girlfriend of James Dungy had returned to the apartment and discovered Dungy."

Police performed CPR on Dungy before he was taken to University Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is pending an autopsy by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner's Office.

Tony Dungy has left the Colts and is in Tampa, according to NFL.com.

The coach and his wife, Lauren, have four other children: daughters Tiara and Jade and sons Eric and Jordan.

The Colts (13-1) are at Seattle on Saturday.

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~For those who are members of the Gaither Thespian Troupe 3780~

Troupe Bonding Day!
Tomorrow November 23
What: RENT
Where: Citrus Park Mall
When: Meet in front of the theater at 4:00
Hope to see you there!
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nicked it from Myspace [26 Oct 2005|07:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

You know you go to Gaither when...(add one)

The custodians are nicer to you then the kids that go to the school.

The bathrooms are always flooded.

You go to Bloomingdale High School, and know where everything is.

It's normal when the roof caves in.

You have to have homecoming booths instead of floats, because of the new rubber track.

The fire alarm goes off and nobody moves.

Half of your friends have mono.

Nobody has a clue what they're doing in physics.

Three girls are wearing the same shirt on the same day.

You neglect your duties as a freshmen mentor and just sit there in the homeroom doing nothing.

You've had Mr. Phifer as a substitute, and he always makes the same joke about the actress Michelle Phifer.

You've had a fight in your class because of Mr. Ribas during roll call.

You've seen the 90 year old substitute do push-ups and speak in five-thousand different languages.

When everytime the bell rings a fight breaks out.

The head custodian is a white guy.

You've had Mrs. Nevismal, or you've heard enough about her to be terrified.

You've had Mrs. Angert for an entire year, yet you've never seen her ears.

The only thing you learned in APUSH was that the world will end on December 23, 2012.

All you did in AP Biology was sleep.

You're sick of listening to Mrs. Cattoi's southern accent, along with her bright red lipstick.

Nobody remembers what they did on Homecoming.

You got a 130 % on a test due to Mrs. ONeil's curves.

You still see half of the Class of 2005 in the hallways everyday.

You've heard at least five girls tell you how hot Coach Baldwin is.

You get asked to participate in a fundraiser from some organization every day.

There's no difference between the size of the freshmen or the little wranglers.

You can find anybody you're looking for on myspace.

You see half of the kids wearing ponchos the weekend before a hurricane and think it's perfectly normal.

When the Starettes tell you not to stay for the half time show

You come to school every day, even when you're throwing up and you have a fever, just so you can exempt your exams.

You celebrate Pi day

You've taken the Science FCAT 502 times.

You wait 30 minutes just to get out of the parking lot.

80% of the kids at the football game are painted in blue banging pots and pans.

You know what Crush sales are.

You have to pee but you can't because the bathrooms are locked.

70% of the girls that come to track and field practice drop out in the first month after they get their picture in the yearbook, and the T-Shirts.

You get shunned if you are in Young Democrats.

When you see Mr. Curry and you think he's Santa's evil twin.

Your school colors are no where to be found on the cover of the yearbook.

Everyone will know who hooked up with who in a matter of a day.

When the Powder Puff football team has better records then the actual football team.

Nobody goes to the Boys Soccer Games, although they are Nationally Ranked.

When you've seen the lunch ladies walk around the track during a bomb threat.

You've seen Mr. Curry put his beard into a ponytail.

You've seen Mrs. ONeil with her sling on her right arm one day, and on her left arm the next.

You've seen Mrs. ONeil out of school, without her cane.

The most exciting part of Spectrum was seeing the keyboard fall.

When you decide not to do your homework because you figure you can finish it during the second period bomb threat.

You pray for it to be 1:00 pm so you can get a soda.

You ask the lunch lady for something, and she says they are all gone, even though there are two right behind her.

Nerd day is considered offensive.

When you are in fear of freezing to death in one class and dying of heat stroke in the next.

You leave a coat in a specific class, just because it's always freezing.

Hurricanes mean trips to the beach and hurricane parties.

You've seen Mrs. Newman's toenails and teeth(which look almost exactly alike)

Your physics teacher is never at school, because she's always at football games or Nascar races.

It's NOT your teacher's fault when 90% of the class fails a test.

When Mr. Curry looks at your chest instead of your face.

When the AP students do less work then everybody else in school.

When you've seen that tall kid David with the gloves on his hand race down the hallway.

You've signed 349 pledges not to work with anyone on the APUSH Take home tests.

You've seen the girls on the cross country team running, ten minutes away from Gaither.

The kids that don't read the required reading novels do better on the tests then the kids that do.

You've tried to convince a freshman that there is a pool on the third floor.

You enjoy the Sparknotes edition rather then the book itself.

When you spend more money on hand driers then you do on school supplies.

The Spanish teachers get mad at the English students, because they don't have "good accents".

You know Mr. Giberson doesn't wear socks on Fridays.

You haven't had a Spring peprally in three years.

All you hear about is how the band went to Washington D.C.

You've had Mr. Shutz.

Mr. Reid has convinced you that he's actually a doctor.

When people have to teach Mrs. Olmstead how to do the math problem.

Mrs. Otero gives you dirty looks in the hallway. Everyday.

Coach Agatheas has a nickname for you.

You have heard some one (mainly male) speak about how much they love Mr. Olson.

You've had nightmares of Mrs. Brand and her enormous eyeballs.

Mrs. Pardo is your favorite teacher.

You consider Coach Smith your second mom.

Your sick of Mrs. Van Trump's Phillip Lambardo videos.

Mr. Wicker sweats more then the football player.

Mr. Wicker is more emotional then the ninth grade girls.

You go into an AP class and know less then when you came in.

You know who Larry Bird is.

You are sick and tired of Mrs. Olmstead's accent

you have had mr currey jump on top of the desks just to get to yours and tell you to stop sleeping...or has done something else that was supposed to be embaressing or funny but really wasnt.

you have either seen mrs olmsteads thong or seen up her skirt...gross


You wanna punch Mr. "Dirty" Sanchez in the face because all he does is talk about himself and how perfect he is.....U dirty bastard Sanchez.

When all the walls are blue

You Get Locked out of your classroom for being tardy

You actually WANT to take Underwater Basket Weaving

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[23 Oct 2005|12:33pm]

Official word is in:

No school on Monday!!!!
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One Acts pimpin it!!! [20 Oct 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I miss GHS!!!

Especially the drama program!!!
Break a ton of legs tonight! I heard you guys powned last night and i know tonight will be better!! break so many legs, break each other's leg if you get the chance!!

I <3 GHS!!
(gaither grad, ex-emperor of drama)

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[19 Oct 2005|04:03pm]

Hey there is a completly rocking play goig on at gither tonight!!! Busy??? You can always go tomorow...it will rock your sock right off!!!
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[09 Oct 2005|06:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

k, so does anybody know when senior skip day is this year? In a perfect world, I know it'd be 06/06/06, but that's june, so...anyone?

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[27 Sep 2005|05:57pm]

Okay, So, since I just realized I'm going to be out of town this weekend, I need to get rid of a Homecoming ticket.

Anyone want to buy it off me?


I really need to sell it...
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Question [24 Sep 2005|02:55pm]

Homecoming on Saturday at the India Conference Center. But I have a big problem.

Where is the India Conference Center???

An address would be greatly appreciated.
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Just double checking [06 Sep 2005|07:48pm]

When you're suspended for 10 days, those are school days, right? this doesn't included weekends and holidays, correct? and do teachers let you make up work?

anyone? please?
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[06 Sep 2005|05:23pm]

Just making sure because my source (Jenniferrrrr...) has gotten confused, when ARE the progress reports coming out?
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AP Lang [21 Jul 2005|05:56pm]

Alright, so I'm working on my essay for AP Lang and the prompt says uses qoutes and other thing direct from the book.
The essay is supposed to be a minimum of 500 words, but does that include quotes?
If so, I've already got 800 words with quotes and 606 without quotes and I'm only halfway through the first body paragraph.
I know it shouldn't be this hard, I'm just stressing.
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[06 Jun 2005|08:32pm]

To whom it may concern:
Anyone taking English IV honors or AP Lit who has started the summer reading, please help.
They request 2 stories of Prometheus and Epimetheus... but I can only find one (the creation of man). Am I just blind/stupid??
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[25 Apr 2005|08:46pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

any seniors going to senior achievement banquet??... I got an invite in the mail.. i didn't know if that meant anything and I also don't want to go alone.

<3 megs

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Gaither Drama!! [10 Apr 2005|01:11pm]

People should really go see Drama III/IV and Comp. Drama perform April 20 & 21 (Next Wed. & Thurs.) It should be really good...and Drama has worked really hard...Besides Shakespeare rocks socks!!
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AP History! [08 Mar 2005|09:41pm]

Is any other Junior really freaked out by the AP Exam in May...or has anybody actually formed a study group...
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[01 Mar 2005|06:03pm]

[ mood | curious ]

      *coughs* Dude, does anybody know if the science FCAT counts?

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